DigiAsset Core will be a fast open-source C++ program that uses DigiByte Core and decodes the DigiAsset data stored in the chain to allow easy working with DigiAssets.

Despite not being visually attractive..

It will be a vitally important back-end, to act as a behind-the-scenes translator of binary raw data on the chain.

Being open-source, we will be able to set a true standard from which future improvements of DigiAssets can be made.

Beyond DigiAssets it also handles:

  • DigiByte Domains
  • Voting
  • Exchange Rates
  • Know Your Customer
  • UTXO Data

All of this data will be made accessible through an API interface, to be used with wallets, chain explorers, and other services.

Our motivation

Why do we need it

There are two main reasons why we as a community need this program.

Improving decentralization by allowing anyone to start up a DigiAssets Chain Explorer, wallet, or other DigiAssets service.

We love the service we provide, but we can not keep up with the cost of providing streaming data to users for free.

digiassetX will shut down the current streaming service in May 2024, and we want to be able to provide an alternative by then.

What are the funds for

To expedite the process of decentralizing the decoding of DigiAssets data. By allowing me to shorten my work week by 8 hours, I will be able to put that time into this project.

I would love to dedicate more time to this project. But without having any to spare, we may not be able to provide an alternative to the current streaming service prior to it shutting down.


I currently already have in place code to rapidly scan the chain and generate a complete list of all UTXO and what address/ height they were created/spent at(not entirely needed for DigiAssets but useful for those wanting to make chain explorers and was the first step in the DigiAsset work).

I have designed in systems to allow for pruning of unneeded data to save hard drive space, and for automatically rolling back data in case of an orphaned block.

I have started work on porting the libraries needed to decode exchange rate, kyc and DigiAsset data from slow nodejs code to fast efficient C++.

Timeline drastically depends on how much and when funds are raised but with your help my goal is to finish the first minimum viable product by September and refine and optimize it by year-end well before the May deadline. Without your help I will not likely finish before May 2024.

Donor list

RevGeneticsLongevity Supplements743243.5 DGB
@ChopperBrian50000 DGB
Olly Stedall (DigiNode Tools)30000 DGB
CoinMinerz.com15000 DGB
dgbnoob.dgb6405 DGB
Digibyte Elf Society4953.75 DGB

Want to see your name on this list?

Reach out to Matthew Cornelisse on Telegram(preferably before donation).